I’ve spent today wishing the day away.

Today’s been one of them days!

It’s only Monday but feels like it should be Friday…

To those who say “don’t wish these days away” – I don’t!  Although I would rather there were fewer of them.

I love my kids with every bone in my body but some days things aren’t always the perfect Instagram picture.  Some days all I want to do is run to the bathroom (probably because I’ve been bursting for a wee since I got up!) lock the door and hide but I don’t!  I suck it up take a breath and ask my toddler for the 2363rd time what I can do to help stop his massive f**king melt down!  Obviously the swear words are just in my head and 2363 might be a very slight exaggeration.


That some day… It’s today!

This morning from the second my feet hit the floor I was ‘Shouty Mum.’  Maybe that’s where it all went wrong.

By Midday I’d vacuumed the kitchen floor four times!  My nappy bag has been emptied six times.  I’ve had fruit purée and mash potato in my hair twice and the amount of times I’ve been asked “why?” I’ve lost count!

My lunch was left over rice cakes because F wanted my lunch as well as his and D is as grumpy as f*ck because he’s had a sum total of 35mins nap since he woke up at the crack of dawn.

A trip to the park ended in tears because it started to rain and we had to turn back.  Dam that Irish weather (maybe rain should be added to the list of things that drive me mad.)!

Bedtime couldn’t come soon enough.

Tonight I’m crying out for the bath, bottle (in the form of wine obviously!), bed routine and that’s just for me.  The chances of that happening with the little crank monster that is D is nil.  Bedtime happened and lasted all of 20 minutes before he was awake again wondering where I was.  With the assistance of his big brother there was no chance of him going straight back to sleep.  There was way too much fun to be had blowing raspberries on each other’s bellies.  This was cute for about 30 seconds and I forget how manic today has been until one starts wailing because he’s been tossed over and the other doesn’t want to play anymore.

Thankfully there’s one child in my house that goes to bed mostly without a fuss, even on a bad day.  So at the moment it’s one down one to go.  I’ll just have to put up with the littlest munchkin bundling around the kitchen floor. I’ll  catch up on rubbish telly and clean up one more time before morning.  Till then I’ll just keep telling myself tomorrow will be better. Fingers crossed there will be a few less tears and tantrums…

How was your day?

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