To my Darling Boy on your first day at Nursery…

To my Darling Boy,

It’s here…

Tomorrow is another of those big milestones that I dread and look forward to all at once. A bit like the day you turned One or even the day you turned Two. With all these milestones you need me a little less.

To others you heading off to Nursery School isn’t that big a deal. To me it’s massive! It feels like the end of a era. Your baby years. They have disappeared in a flash and tomorrow is a new beginning for you. There’s gonna be another lady in your life, who you go to when you need help or a little reassurance or maybe even a cuddle. She’ll be there to pick you up when you fall and wipe your tears if you cry. I’m going to have to learn to share you.

You’re growing up so fast and sometimes I just can’t seem to find the time I’d like to enjoy the precious moments that are whizzing us by. So tonight when I put you to bed, I don’t know if you noticed but I lingered a little longer. I read an extra story and I lay there after you fell asleep just so I could spend a few more moments with ‘my baby’.

I know, I know you’re not going anywhere forever and you won’t change over night. I know you don’t need me hovering beside you all the time. I know you don’t need protecting (but I want to), I know you’re gonna love your new experience and all the new friends you’ll make. I’m just petrified of missing one tiny little bit that might be an important bit.

Now it’s not all gloom (I’ve only cried forty times trying to write this!) there are some bits of you going Nursery I’m slightly looking forward to.

I can’t wait to hear your tales. Admit it, you’re quite the story teller and your imagination far exceeds your years. I can only hope that Mrs K can figure out quickly that you’re spinning a yarn when you announce you’re going to live in America (with Mickey Mouse!). Please, please, please don’t tell your class anything that might make me cringe! Never start a sentence with ‘My Daddy says…’

When you were little we went to lots of different things. Just you and me. We spent days at Soft Play. We went to Hullabaloo on Mondays and Jumping Jelly Beans on Fridays and we lapped the park and swung on the swings everyday in between. See for nearly two years you had me all to yourself. Your little brother has always had to share. So now its his turn to go singing, spend time in the park and have a bit of one on one time. Don’t worry though we’ll be there waiting when the school bell rings – chances are he’ll find me quite boring and will be willing the morning away till you’re back as his partner in crime. Getting up to mischief, driving me up the wall!

So it is with mixed emotions I look forward to seeing the little boy you become. I hope you will be kind. I know you’ll be funny but most of all I pray you will be happy.

So when you get up tomorrow I’m gonna paint on my excited face, hold back the tears and encourage you to have the best first day ever!

I love you so much My Little Man

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18 thoughts on “To my Darling Boy on your first day at Nursery…

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  1. Aww, thats so lovely.
    Time goes by so quickly. I remember my twins first day at nursery and feeling lost without them. They start High School next year!
    I hope he had a wonderful first day xxx


  2. Aw beautiful piece. My twin started preschool this week. First time away from home, lots of adventure for them and tears from some of us. Hope the week went well


  3. Awww this is beautiful!! I remember these moments with my oldest (almost 15) and my middle (11) and will now in a few years time have go do it all over again. Time flies by so quickly when you’re a parent! Hope he had a fab time!!


  4. My youngest started full time school on Monday and I’m beside myself, so I totally understand. He has to be peeled off my by the teacher on a daily basis – We’ve had two weeks of half days and this week full. You are right, it’s the end of an era, but also the beginning of the next stage…… I can’t believe that’s the last time I’ll begin school with one of my children……


    1. Oh Jo! That must be so hard for you!! I’ve been counting my blessings that he has bounced in each time he’s gone and I’ve picked him up with a smile on his face. I hope your little boy starts to love school really soon!!!


  5. Aww I love this post. I can relate in so many ways! I was so sad when my older sons started school (they’re 8 & 9). I have about a year more to go till my baby of my babies start pre-k. Is such a blessing and full of joys to watch them grow but at the same time it is heart breaking. I really do love your post, you spoke for so many moms!


  6. Aww this is so touching and I was choking back a little tear. I’ve just waved my biggest little off to big school and my littlest little is enjoying the undivided mummy time as you say, but he too has just started doing more hours and gone into “The big class” at nursery. It makes me want to “waaah!” ? It’s just the beginning of the next exciting adventure though. I hope he settles well lovely. Sending hugs. Thank you for linking x #DreamTeam


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