Date Night!

We did it…  It’s only taken eight months and one day but me and himself had DATE NIGHT!

Uninterrupted by a crying baby or an enthusiastic ‘I want to be involved in everything’ nearly three year old.  We left the house just me and him.  Husband and Wife.  Not Mummy and Daddy.  We walked to a restaurant, ate dinner, drank drinks and talked about…  Wait for it…  The kids.

Do you remember what life was like before the kids came along?

Remember staying in bed past eleven on a Sunday morning or heading out for brunch with your hair and make-up on point.  You’re outfit perfectly pieced together and a pair of heels that looked amazing but killed your ankles.  It’s not that long ago.  My eldest isn’t even three yet but life before him is starting to become a little hazy and when he bundles into our bed at 5.30am on a weekend morning I definitely remember those pre children weekends with rose tinted glasses.

Times have changed.  The perfect hair has been replaced by fuzzy, uncontrollable, greying regrowth.  The uncomfortable heels have been banished to the back of the cupboard in favour of run quick flats and the perfectly pieced together outfit… Ha! Well that’s now a ‘Mum Uniform’ but I think that deserves a post all of it’s own.

Our last Date Night…

Before Saturday night, the last time we had a meal together, in a restaurant just the two of us was my birthday in January.  The restaurant was just across the street from our London flat.  The kids were tucked up in bed when we left.  All hell broke loose when the baby woke up to a face that wasn’t mine.  After rocking and singing to a wailing, boob reliant six month old from virtually the moment we left my lovely friend gave up and knew I’d want to come home to comfort him.  So Date Night was cut short I ran across the road and settled the littlest munchkin with the sound of my key in the door and that was that… The end of Date Nights.  It was confirmed.  No one would do at bedtime only me.

Romantic evenings were to be confined to the C residence with the baby monitor to hand.

Date nights at home just aren’t the same.  There is always a screen of some description to compete with and there will always be washing to fold or dishes to be done.

But now the baby isn’t such a baby anymore we thought it was about time we tried again.

Fifteen years ago I met a guy in a bar, he drove me home, I gave him my number and that night our Love story began.  Nine years later he bought me a ring and two years after that we said ‘I do’.

We spent all them years thinking only of each other.  Then the little ‘C’s’ came along and he had to share me and I him.  Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t be without the Rug Rats but gosh it was nice!  Nice to eat a meal without having to cut someone else’s up first.  Nice to enjoy the company of the guy I fell in love with all that time ago.  And the best bit… I didn’t have to clean up half chewed chips from under the table before we left.  Thankfully himself doesn’t leave food on the floor the way he does his socks!

We laughed, we discussed our future and reminisced about our past.

But our smiles were bigger and the glint in our eyes sparkly when we talked of our boys.  Is that really sad?  Nah… I’ll go with that’s Motherhood (or best include the Daddies in there too – ‘Parenthood’).  Cause no matter how many times a day I’ve thought about putting those cupboard messing, snot monsters for sale on Ebay I wouldn’t be ‘Me’ without them.

Anyways…  We were home at a reasonable hour the kids hadn’t even noticed we were gone and the babysitter… Well she is a little gem!  I knew they were in safe hands and we were only down the road if needed.

Maybe getting a night out with out the kids isn’t a big deal to everyone but to us it was long over due.

So for now Date Nights are firmly back on the Calendar!  Next time I won’t be so nervous about leaving someone else in charge.  I’ll be ready and waiting in an uncomfortable pair of shoes, I’ll try and tame the frizz and we can head out to talk about the kids!


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