Dear Ophelia

Hurricane Ophelia

Ophelia, How the hell are ya?

Have you clamed down yet?  Ophelia, I heard you were pretty miffed!

On Sunday night, well it was like Christmas eve going to bed.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from the morning light.  There had been whispers you were on your way but Ophelia, I’m an Irish Mummy in the North and we’re tough in this part of the world.  It was gonna be business as usual as far as I was concerned.  Monday mornings are busy I haven’t got time for a load of fuss.  At some point after I’d gone to bed the Education Board pulled their fingers out and decided the wee forgotten six counties would get the day off school as well!  Now, that put halt to my Monday morning plans.  There’d be no quick nip to town for this Mama.

You see I was starting to believe you might actually turn up.  Exit Tough (sure its only a bit of wind) Mummy.  Enter Panic Mummy.  Ah Ophelia!  ‘Panic Mummy’ is not one you want to come and meet.  I’m irrational.  I was afraid I was gonna have to light my big Jo Malone Candle!  See I got it as a wedding present and I’m saving it for a special occasion.  Lighting the kids bath time if you mess with the electric is not special.

I rang the Husband.

He’d have to come home.  I didn’t want him bumping into you on the road.  Thanks be to goodness he had his sensible head on.  He was ahead of the game and on route.  Sure there was clearing up to be done.  We didn’t want you arriving and having to blow a load of stuff out of your way.  That picnic table had seen it’s last outdoor lunch for this year anyways!

I’d made a dash to the shop.  For necessities you know.  Bread, Milk, Butter, Sweets, Crisps, Buns…  Sure you know yourself!  When you’re expecting visitors you buy a big load of crap and then end up eating it all yourself.

Lunch time arrived and we were all ready and waiting for you.  We sat looking out the window.  I wasn’t sure what you’d look like so we were keeping an eye out.

We waited and waited and waited.

We watched more episodes of Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  than I’d care to admit.  There was quite a few arguments.  Keeping the four of us inside all day will do that.  We weren’t sure if that was you at the door or not.  I thought I heard you shout a few times but I thought you’d be louder.  You weren’t what I was expecting.  The lights didn’t go out and next doors trampoline stayed in their own garden.  I had heard you we’re a big impact kinda gal.  The drama queen in me is thinking was that the best you got, but then I heard you were a bit of a bitch down south and sure I don’t want to pi$$ you off or anything but a morning spent panic prepping for you, then an afternoon sat waiting on you, for you to just fly by us was a bit of a let down.

But sure we’ll not fall out about it.  We were all just suffering a bit of cabin fever.

The Education Board decided the kids should have another day off school today, well I’m sure there were Mothers up and down the county cursing you!  I couldn’t face another day on lock down in the house so we went for a peak to see what mess you’d left behind in your flit.  I’ll tell you something, you might not have done any damage to our house but you made a while mess of the road.  Jeez Missus what did them trees do to you?

Anyways I had better go now.  Nursery is open again in the morning and all the messages I was meant to do on Monday have been pushed till tomorrow so I’d better get organised.

Oh Ophelia just one last thing…  I hear your cousin Brian is meant to be calling round this weekend – could you tell him to come quietly as well?

All the best

Mrs C


Bringing up Georgia

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  1. Ha ha loved reading this, I’m not laughing at the damage Ophelia did, but more the way you wrote it. I’m glad that you and the family are ok, as I read some horror stories. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x


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