The Big Little C turns 3

I get pretty emotional over Birthdays and Milestones when it come to the boys.

I’ve been described as an emotional wreck more than once but I can’t help it… Sorry!

The Dinosaur obsessed, Power Ranger wanna be has turned three!  Where has that time gone to?!  I remember my utter disgust at the Consultant who’d come back to check me over and said “4 more hours” three days into induction like it was yesterday.  But the Biggest Little C was worth waiting on.

His second year was a pretty big one.  He moved country, adjusted to being a big brother, found his voice and started nursery!  Fair dues to the wee man he took it all in his stride.

As I sit down to write this he is running around the house, half naked with a nappy on his head (It’s clean don’t worry!) and I couldn’t be prouder!  Ok so we haven’t mastered the old potty lark but he’ll get there.  I’m pretty sure he won’t want me to be changing his bum as a 12 year old so he’ll figure it out.

I’m pretty pleased with myself that we’ve got through the terrible two’s without too many kicking and screaming in the shop aisle moments.  But I’ve heard the term “Threenager” thrown around and I’m wondering if the meltdown over wearing his uniform not pyjamas to nursery last week was something to do with that.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Chocolate Cake with toy dinosaurs on top with chocolate rasins and popcorn sprinkled on top

He’s been looking forward to his birthday for months and his only request – a Dinosaur cake.

Well I couldn’t disappoint and when one of the Mummy’s at nursery produced cup cakes she’d made for her son’s birthday I knew she was my woman!  It was perfect! It was the first thing he asked for when he got up that morning and when I eventually let him blow out his candle with his little cousins that afternoon the chocolate cake smeared across all their faces said it all!  If you are ever in Fermanagh and want some where lovely to go for a cuppa and slice of something naughty head to this Mummy’s Sandwich Bar you will not be disappointed!!

He didn’t just get a cake for his birthday. We didn’t short change the little fella but I kinda think we could of.  He was flabbergasted to get down the stairs and find a box wrapped up with his name on it.  He had the wrapping torn off in the time it took me to flick the switch on the kettle.  I was met with a beaming smile and an enthusiastic “thank you so much!” that quite simply floored me.  I’m always reminding him to say please and thank you but yesterday there was no reminding he was genuinely so grateful.  And I could of burst with how in love with this little guy I am!  He makes me the proudest Mummy around.

He was spoilt rotten by Grandparent’s, Aunties and Uncles. I’m not sure that smile left his face all day. By bedtime he was exhausted but me and his Daddy; we had that fuzzy feeling.  The feeling you get when the kids have had a really good day.  When you know you weren’t ‘a bit shit’ today.  You pulled it outta the bag all day!  That feeling is sometimes easily forgotten when it’s 6.47pm and you’re counting the minutes till bedtime.

So the emotion of his birthday turned from sadness, my baby is growing up to utter pride at the amazing little boy he is turning into.  Maybe his third year will top his second.

Black and white picture of mum presenting son with birthday cake.





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9 thoughts on “The Big Little C turns 3

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  1. Aww happy birthday to him! I totally agree with you on potty training, I know so many people that stress about it and at the end of the day, they will get it at some point. I think that goes for a lot of things with parenting #Honeybeelinky xxx


  2. Ah that’s a lovely post if only we could bottle the feeling we get on days when we think we aced it ! Don’t worry about the potty training my little monster took 3 attempts and he was 3.5 easily ! by time he got it I just couldn’t get why he couldn’t get it as he was so ” bright” mysonmyson I know ! We still haven’t mastered nights fully but it’s only washing eh love the cake btw !


    1. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if we could bottle that feeling! We could open the bottle and have a wee swig on the days when they are driving us up the wall.
      I’ve completely given up on potty training and I’m just not gonna worry about it for a while and hopefully he’ll figure it out when he’s ready. Thanks so much for your comment Laura.


  3. Awww, bless you. Birthdays are such a rollercoaster of emotions! I think I shall be quite emotional next year as George shall be 1 at the end of March and Teddy shall turn 3 at the beginning of May! I am mentally preparing myself as we speak! The dinosaur cake looks amazing, your friend did a fab job. Can’t beat a chocolate cake dominated by a load of plastic! Thank you for linking with the #Honeybeelinky I hope to see you for the this week’s one too! xxx


  4. Ah such a lovely post to read, it’s funny how quickly they grow up. It feels like yesterday for me that the doctor said to me as well “just another 4 hours” into a 3 day induction as well. It looks like you all had a wonderful day, and it’s great that you can forget about the toddler tantrums and focus on the good bits. Hopefully the threenager years will be easy for you. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x


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