We love Ewe! Our review of Ewan the Dream Sheep

Two plush toy sheep one has a purple head the other a grey head

I was going to write a blog post of all the things I couldn’t live without as a Mummy (and I might still).  But then I started writing about this little sheep called Ewan and well he kind of takes up a blog post all of his own.

Now before I go on I had better tell you all I wasn’t gifted Ewan or asked to review him.  He’s cost me a small fortune replacing him and keeping him in batteries this past three years!  But I just love him so much I though he deserved a little space in my corner of the internet.

Our first little purple headed yoke was sucked and squeezed (get your mind outta the gutters I know rightly what you’re thinking.) till he just had to be replaced.  He probably could have walked his little sheep legs to the bin himself he was so ‘well loved’.

But we couldn’t live without him and he was promptly replaced.

Now for anyone who’s not familiar, Ewan is a cuddly sheep who plays ‘soothing sounds at a low base frequency and a calming pink warm glow, which when combined, help settle babies and toddlers into a peaceful sleep’.
Our first Ewan was bought when the Biggest Little C was just a few days old.  I don’t know how keen the little dude was on him in the beginning but me and the Hubster… We loved him!  See we had trouble sleeping when the baby did.  We couldn’t take our eyes off him.  But Ewan – well his magic lullaby relaxed us and before we knew it we were woken to a nuzzling baby looking a feed.

It wasn’t long before Ewan was a big hit with the baby too and bedtimes couldn’t happen without our favourite sheep.

If he stirred during the night I’d jump outta bed like a rocket ship to squeeze the sheep’s leg.  9 outta 10 times the baby would be soothed back to slumber by his little furry friend.  I’d say that’s a winner!

My only fault with him is he couldn’t be machine washed.  When little kids really like a plush toy they like to drool all over it.  (Both my boys have been a bit like St Bernard Puppies in the drool department.)  And after a while they stink!  And for some reason that makes the little dudes like him even more!!

But I wasn’t put off.  I just replaced him when needed.

When any of my friends were expecting this was the first thing I recommended.  It was also the gift I bought most of them!  So I hope he worked as well for them as he did for us.
By the time Littlest C was on his way the lovely designers over at the Ewan workshop launched their new Grey Headed Ewan.  A perfect addition to the C household and made it so much easier to tell who’s was who’s at bedtime.  Like his brother the Littlest C took a while to take to our wee friendly sheep but Ewan won him over and he’s now a firm cot buddy.  If only they both stayed in there all night.

Have you had a Ewan the Dream Sheep? Was he a hit in your house?

If you’d like to give Ewan a try you can buy him here: SweetDreamers ewan the dream sheep – grey

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