Play Doh – The Easiest Recipe Around

play doh figures

I’m normally a shop bought Play Doh kinda Mummy.  It’s one of those activities that I give into on a rainy afternoon when we are all climbing the walls.  It drives me insane when they mix the colours together and I’m like a Sergeant Major checking clothes, soles of feet and little hands before everyone leaves the table and tramples the remnants of our play into my shaggy rug.

Well anyways, for some bizarre reason last week I decided I’d go all Pintrest Mummy on the Play Doh and make our own!

I know the Little C makes it at Nursery, so before I went googling “Non Messy Play Doh Recipies” I thought I ask him what the ingredients are…

I shouldn’t have bothered.  He’s three.  He was stuffing a Pancake into his mouth at the time and staring at ‘Ben and Holly’.  It probably wasn’t the best time as I’m pretty sure the ingredients he listed are to make a cake.  The boy is not silly – Always thinking of his next treat!

So I got the lap top out and went in search of an easy recipe. 

One question – What the hell is Cream of Tartar?  What ever it is it isn’t in my cupboard.  So a recipe that didn’t include it was a must.  This was the first one I came to that I had all the ingredients stashed away so I jumped right in.  It was good just not perfect, so we made some tweaks – I’ll list them below.

Ingredients Ingredients for home made play doh

2 Cups of flour  3 Cups Flour

1 Cup Salt

1 tbs Oil

1 Cup Cold Water

2 Drops Liquid Food Colouring  The more food colouring the more vibrant the colour.

The Little C wanted his Play Doh to be Power Ranger Red.  I’d say we settled at Blush Pink.  I was getting a bit afraid their hands would be stained and therefore so would my furniture.






Boys mixing play doh ingredients


1. Mix the dry ingredients together.

2. Add the Water, Food Colouring and Oil to the dry ingredients.Do this a little at a time. Mixing well.  

3. Knead well  Knead and Knead and Knead!

I scattered some flour across the table whilst kneading as the mixture was a little too wet at the beginning.  

There you have it!

Homemade Play Doh.  Cutters at the ready and away you go…

I don’t reckon it would taste too good but I’m sure it wouldn’t do the Littles any harm if they decided to have a nibble and it was actually fun to make.

It kept them busy for at least an hour which in my eyes is a big winner!


If you decide to brave it – Leave me a comment and let me know how you got on.

Homemade play doh

Watch out for more ‘Pintrest Mummy’ to come on Mummy’s Whine Club.  You can be sure there will be a few disasters along the way!

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6 thoughts on “Play Doh – The Easiest Recipe Around

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  1. The cream of tarter thing always put me off, I really should do this one for the kids staying here, I usually use modeling clay but this would be easy and better if they did eat some! I’m guessing the level of salt is actually to make it taste unpleasant?


    1. it smelt quite salty Fiona so I’m sure it tastes horrid. I’m sure they would only taste it the once ? this is way softer than clay and the kids loved how ‘squidgy’ it was.


  2. I’m getting excited because this really does sound like the easiest play doh recipe EVER! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m going to give this a go, because like you, the mixing of bought play doh colours drives me round the bend. It always ends up looking a horrid brown. Thanks for linking up to the #DreamTeam xx


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