Prestige Flowers Review – Valentine’s 12 Luxury Red Roses

Close up ofred roses, sent for review.

Who doesn’t like being sent flowers?  Have you heard of Prestige Flowers?   Last week I was sent a beautiful bouquet from Prestige Flowers to review.  This review is for all you Ladies hoping to be made feel even more special on a certain day next month!  Read on and make sure to leave this screen open where himself can see it, or better still share the link with him ‘accidentally’!

Royal Mail delivered 12 Luxury Red Roses (beautifully and securely packaged) along with the cutest little bear named Harry and a scrumptious box of chocolates.  I’d half expected that flowers delivered by the postman might not make it to me in the best condition but they had been wrapped and positioned so carefully in the sturdy box I actually think they would have withstood quite a heavy hand.

Red roses with teddy bear and box of chocolates

The flowers I’d been expecting.  I’d been gifted them in exchange for an honest review, the bear and chocolates were a lovely little extra.  After a quick snoop on their website, I have seen The Luxury Roses themselves retail at £39.99.   The chocolates can be added for £5 extra and the chocolates and bear can be added for £10 extra.  That’s a pretty standard price point in comparison to other online retailers I researched with similar bouquets.  The option for same or next day delivery is always a bonus for those who are a bit forgetful when it comes to expressing their love.

I’d love to say the chocolates were savoured while himself and myself looked into each other’s eyes on Date night but they were devoured the second we got the kids to bed, the bottle of wine opened and something rubbish on the telly. That’s how Friday nights in our house roll!  Our threenager wasn’t best pleased they had been too good to save him one when he found the empty box the next morning.

Red roses lay out on wooded table

There was very little for me to do but unwrap these stunning, deep red roses give the stems a snip and add them, with the food (provided) and water to the vase.  They were perfect each and every one of them!  Tucked in the wrapping was a little Flower Care guide, which gave me a great tip I’d never heard before:  “Rose heads can have a tendency to droop.  Revive them by placing the newly cut stems into no more than an inch of boiling water for about 30 seconds, remove and place into a prepared vase.”  I’ll be trying this out of I ever get ‘droopy’ Roses! Thanks for the tip Prestige Flowers!

It’s nearly a week since I received my beautiful blooms to review and they still look beautiful.  I’ve had to do nothing but top them up with some fresh water now and then and remove the odd discoloured petal.  I placed them in my hallway, firstly so everyone coming through the door would see them and also it’s slightly cooler than in my kitchen or living room.  I want these beauties to last as long as possible!

If you want to treat someone (or point someone in the right direction!) to some lovely Roses this Valentines Day pop over to the Prestige Flowers website.  There are free chocolates with some of the bouquets at the moment!  Just click HERE for the link.


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