You Are Worth Printing – Picture printing with Printiki

Flatlay of blue picture frame with flowers in jug
When was the last time you printed a picture you’d taken from your phone?

Think about it.  You are worth printing!  How many pictures have you taken this week?  Loads I bet!  All too often our special moments are lost amongst, should be deleted or never shared snaps because you think it shows off your double chin or there’s a mess in the background or you just never get round to it.  But ‘You are worth printing!’  That’s the slogan for Printiki, an online photo printing company I’ve been working with.  They make it easy to print your images from all your devices or platforms.  You can even add a filter or crop the image, add a caption AND have your prints delivered right to your door, so all our best bits can be shown off, not hidden away in the digital world.

Remember when mobile phones didn’t have Cameras built in?

When you couldn’t plug them into your laptop.  You’d send your pictures off to be developed having only a vague idea of what was going to come back.  Chances are if your photography skills weren’t up to scratch half of them would have a finger in the corner and a few others would be blurry feet.  But there would always be one gem in there.  One picture fit for the wall.  Making that film worth printing.  Most of us knew nothing about the perfect lighting, angle or how to add a filter.  We were probably a lot less critical because it wasn’t about creating a uniformly beautiful gallery of frames like social media would have us believe but capturing a moment in time that was special.  A moment we wanted to relive every time we looked at the snap.

We moved into our home nearly a year ago now and most of the walls are still bare.  Not because I don’t want to mark them with nails or can’t choose display frames I like, but because I have so many pictures saved on so many different devices and platforms I can hardly choose!  So when Printiki got in touch I thought it the perfect opportunity to pick a room and get some of our memories on the wall.

I thought I’d tackle the Biggest Little C’s room first since putting pictures on the wall is one of the last things needing to be done in there.  I had this frame, it hadn’t really held up travelling from England to Ireland but I hadn’t been able to bring myself to throw it out.  It had been gathering dust in the spare room for yonks, so thought I could give it a new lease of life by removing the back.  With some leftover chalk paint, a staple gun, string and pegs I had four frames ready to give some life to a bare wall.  My DIY and crafting skills ain’t top notch, so if I can do this anyone can.

White picture frame with a selection of prints clustered in corner

It’s a kids room.  I wanted the frame to lose its shabby chic look and become playful and changeable.  Printiki’s retro square prints were perfectly suited.  I could add little captions at the bottom of each print giving them a fun twist.  His furniture is already painted in Annie Sloane, Napoleonic Blue chalk paint and I had enough left over to make the frames match.  The rest was easy… Some string held taught with staples and some pegs to attach the prints in whichever order the Biggest Little C wants.

Photo frames with annie slone wax

I was so pleased with how the frame turned out and the Biggest Little C loves being told about the pictures on his wall.  He is definitely worth printing!  It was so lovely to look back at pictures I hadn’t seen in a few years whilst completing this project.  Its left me buzzing about how I can display our memories around our home and reminded me I have so, so many pictures that I love and NEED to print.  Printiki have lots of great DIY ideas over on their Instagram, click here if you fancy a browse and now I’ve experienced how easy it is to use their service I’ll be keeping an eye out for inspiration.

Blue Photo frames with pictures pegged. Flowers by the side



5 thoughts on “You Are Worth Printing – Picture printing with Printiki

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  1. Haven’t printed a photo in over ten years – never quite get to it on the to do list! But inspired now to get some pics on the kids walls. Thank you!


    1. Do it Amy! I love these on the Biggest Little C’s wall. I’m ashamed to say there are still frames sat pictureless in our spare room, but I will get to them! xx


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