Mellon Fun Farm Review

Little Boy wearing an 'I've been to Mellon Fun Farm' sticker

On a last minute whim last Sunday night, we thought we would make plans for the Bank Holiday Monday.  The C family were going on an outing.  A friend had visited the Mellon Fun farm recently and it had been on my list of places to take the kids.  So despite only half of us having a good nights sleep we were up and on the road by 10 am Monday morning.

Mellon Fun Farm here we come!

The farm is located just 5 miles from Omagh town centre (County Tyrone) and 33 miles from our starting point in Enniskillen.  In under an hour, we had arrived effortlessly with two eager tots, ready to have fun on the farm.

There is plenty of parking, and we were greeted with a friendly Hello at the reception area where we paid.  Adults are £6.50 and Children £5.50.  Babies under one go free.  It worked out £25 for our family of four including a bag of feed (50p each) for the boys to give to the animals.  Although there isn’t a family ticket option I thought £25 was a pretty standard price for taking the kids out for the day.

So what do you get for your money?

Along with being a Petting Zoo or an Urban Farm, there are indoor and outdoor play areas for the kids and plenty of seating for the adults to have a rest and onlook with a cuppa from the Cafe which also serves a great variety of homemade treats. The outdoor picnic benches allow for bringing along a picnic if our Irish weather plays ball.

Little Boy playing at the swing area at Mellon Fun Farm

We were blessed with the weather and although it was cold the sun shone, the horrid Beast from the East was off terrorising another County. Although I would totally recommend visiting Mellon Fun Farm on a ‘good weather day’ there was still plenty to do indoors.

If you are a regular reader of Mummy’s Whine Club you may know the Little C’s are aged 3 and 1.5yrs old.  Having been quite used to living in a big city I sometimes struggle with letting them be too independent whilst out and rarely let them wander without me being just one step behind.  Honestly, I don’t know what came over me that day.  Mellon Fun Farm was busy but not crowded.  There were lots of other families enjoying the Bank Holiday along with us but I felt at ease that the boys were safe in their surroundings.  Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of signs warning that some of the animals could bite and I wasn’t about to let the Little C’s stick their fingers into the mouth of a Meerkat but I wasn’t worried they were going to run out in front of a car or get lost amongst hoards of people.

We honestly had such a relaxing, lovely morning.

Civet at Mellon Fun Farm

Mellon Fun Farm is home to Northern Ireland’s only Civet.  If you don’t know what a Civet is click here. Don’t worry I didn’t know either! He’s actually quite cute.

Little Boy looking into Chicken Pen

The Biggest Little C was captivated by the Chinchilla he got to stroke and the Littlest C found a friend in one of the chickens.  I have firmly warned them we ain’t getting either as a pet though, the ponies outside were more my kinda ideal.

Little Boy Petting a Chinchilla at Mellon Fun Farm

After wandering around feeding chickens, quacking at geese, snorting at some very large pigs and wondering where Rudolph’s red nose had gone the boys ran the little legs of themselves in the outdoor play areas.

Thinking maybe we would get some lunch in the cafe we made our way indoors.  Food was the last thing on the Little C’s minds when they saw the soft play area.  So myself and Mr C had a cuppa and a bun while the boys played happily.  The soft play area by the cafe/reception is suitable for kids aged up to 4.  There is also a larger play area more suited to the bigger kids in one of the buildings on the farm.

Little boy sat on a red tractor

We finished our visit with a tractor tour of Mellon Farm.

This might be the only thing I felt a little disappointed in.  The ride was an extra £1 each on top of the entry fee.  I have been to other Urban farms where this activity is included for free.  That being said the boys had a blast! They thoroughly enjoyed their day and I’d definitely go back!

Selfie with a pony

I wasn’t paid or compensated for my review of Mellon Fun Farm.  All words, images and opinions in this post are my own.  You can visit their Facebook Page by clicking here. Next time you are in Northern Ireland and looking for a fun, family day out, stop by the Mellon Fun Farm.

This post is also included on the website Days Out Now.  If you’d like other days out ideas around the Uk visit their site by clicking here.

Pig in Pen at Mellon Fun Farm




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