Mummy’s Whine Club – Who I am now, one year on.

Mrs C stood in a kitchen with cake candle and cup of coffee

This time last year I hit publish on a spiel about me and Mummy’s Whine Club became real.  I didn’t have a notion what I was doing and still probably don’t but tapping out my thoughts on this keyboard is quite therapeutic. So here we are celebrating Mummy’s Whine Clubs’ first birthday!

I thought it was about time I updated the ‘Who am I‘ post and fill you in if you’re just joining the ‘Whine Club’.

I’m still a wine loving, cupboard rummaging, squidgy blonde and I’m still Mummy to just two Little C’s.  I have yet to convince Mr C that sleep is overrated and just one more would complete the pack.  I spend my days kissing bruises, (Little C seems to think he is invincible) refereeing arguments and picking food off my kitchen floor.  And you know what – I wouldn’t have it any other way.  There are days they drive me batty but sure, if they didn’t what would I have to whine about?

Somehow Mummy’s Whine Club has grown!  Turns out there are a few of you reading this I don’t actually know.  I imagine you are just like me.  You’re the Mummy who sometimes counts the minutes till bedtime.  You’re definitely not the only Mummy who shouted, then felt guilty.  Or on my more sentimental days, the Mummy who sat listening to cute little snores while the baby eventually napped.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t chuffed that some of you share my posts or agree with my rants.  I love the interaction Mummy’s Whine Club gets over on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  The numbers shouldn’t matter but it’s hard not to get a flutter of excitement each time they rise!   There’s nothing like having a really rubbish day and then getting a message from a reader to say they resonate with something you’ve written.  It’s a buzz that is quite addictive!

This time last year we hadn’t long moved home from London and the newness of everything was quite exciting.  We are slowly making our house a home.  The boys have settled, I’m not sure they really remember London life.  I often have fits of worry that we have made the biggest mistake of our lives.  That we jumped too soon.  Buying a house and moving ‘home’ seems so final.  Is this it?  I miss the anonymity of living in a city.  I miss the shopping and most of all I miss friends.  Of course we slipped back into our old friendship circles and made new friends here, we’re never short of a coffee date!  I’ve had to stop comparing town life to city life in case I drive everyone mad and I’ve just had to come to realise the local Topshop Petite range will consist only of one pair of jeans (that I bought four seasons ago) a crop top that I just don’t have the figure for and a dress that has no boob access for the Little C.  And in typical Irish form let’s talk about the weather… It’s bloody depressing.  I used to think I liked the winter.  I’ve changed my mind!  I don’t like winters in Ireland.  Or Fermanagh to be specific.  If it’s not snowing it’s pouring.  There are good things about life at home though it’s not all doom and gloom.  It’s a pretty beautiful place to live.  Strangers greet each other on the street.  Irish life feels familiar and safe.  I think I have that mindset that ‘the grass is always greener’.  Or fear of missing out!  Some days I just need to be reminded we moved home for the Little C’s, to give them the life we had growing up and they are loving life.

Mummy’s Whine Club has given me something to do when I should be probably be tackling the ironing basket or at least putting some of it’s contents into a cupboard.  It has taught me I’m just like every other Mummy, trying to do the best job she can at raising her brood and once the C family are happy that’s all that matters to me.

So if you have read this far, thanks for sticking around!  Who knows what will have happened by our 2nd Birthday.  But for now I’m off to raise a cheeky glass to Mummy’s Whine Clubs’ first year! Feel free to join me. xxx





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