The ‘No More Worries’ Kit – Review

Flatlay of no more worries kit surrounded by colourful kids toys

If you haven’t heard of The Irish Fairy Door Company where have you been?  Since 2013 they have been finding human homes for fairies all over the world and their latest piece of Fairy Magic is the ‘No More Worries Kit’.

“Did you know fairies have the power to take worries from humans and grind them down into a special magical dust that is used to grant a wish?”

“By using this mini ‘No More Worries’ plaque, children are encouraged to express themselves freely, allowing the fairies to take their worries away forever.” 

The Kit includes:

  • A portable, retractable ‘No More Worries Mini Plaque.
  • 15x Conversation Cards – to give parents guidance on how to open conversations with their children about their worries.
  • A Feelings Journal
  • Priced at £17.99


'No more worries kit lay out on a white washed floor the conversation cards are spread and a little boy has his thumb on the worry plaque

How it works

The Mini Worry Plaque works just like its bigger friend ‘The Worry Plaque’. But instead of using your full hand print you use just your thumb.

  1. Think of your worry and lay your thumb on the Plaque.
  2. The plaque will turn red when the fairies hear the worry.
  3. When the plaque turns green the fairies have taken the worry away.

Our experience with the ‘No More Worries Kit’

The Biggest Little C is a regular, emotional three year old.  He’s got a great imagination but can sometimes be a bit of an over-thinker.  So when I was asked to review the ‘No More Worries’ Kit I didn’t hesitate.  I knew he’d love the magic of it all.  As do I!  Life can be so serious sometimes and often our little ones have more going on in their little minds than they should.  We let them believe in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny so why not Fairies who can take their worries away?

When the kit arrived, honestly – after a day, I put it away.  The Biggest Little C just seen it as any other new toy.  Please remember he’s only three, so he’s at the younger end of the recommended age range for this product (3yrs-8yrs+).  He was having a “wee worry” every ten minutes and I didn’t think I could give it an honest review unless it was used properly, for the purpose intended.  So I popped it into his bedside locker ready and waiting for a bedtime chat.  Here’s where the conversation cards come into play.  Every night as part of the bed time routine we read stories and have a chat about the day.  I ask him about the good bits and the bad bits, what he’s looking forward to the next day and any plans we have made.  The conversation cards were a great little reminder of questions to initiate conversation.  I had a look at them, took some ideas and went about our normal routine.  I’ll not lie I did have a smug Mummy moment when I read the “What was the best thing about today?” card.

We haven’t used the feelings journal yet as the Biggest Little C is a little young for writing, but I think it’s a lovely idea.  As a kid myself I loved keeping a journal and well, Mummy’s Whine Club is effectively a grown up, on-line version of my journal. Writing down your thoughts can be therapeutic.  I’d definitely be encouraging my boys in years to come, to keep a journal in order to free their tired minds.

Our time did come to use the ‘No More Worries Kit’ plaque.  Towards the end of the school year there had been lots of talk of friends going to big school and new boys and girls joining nursery.  I knew this was playing on his mind.  On numerous days driving past the school we eventually intend on sending the Biggest Little C he would say he “didn’t want to go to big school!”  Its still another full year away but it’s obviously something he has been thinking about. One night just before bedtime stories he opened up about “Wanting to stay at nursery forever.”  My heart broke a little for him.  Change can be scary and when you’re only three it’s a pretty big deal.  So I explained to him, that changing schools was way off yet and maybe we could tell the fairies about his worry so when it came around he’d be excited to make lots of new friends.  It worked!  The fretful little frown was replaced with a beaming smile as the plaque changed to red then green.  The magic of it all had him captured and he was happy to believe the fairies had taken away his worry and everything would be OK.

Little Boy sat in a blue chair using the no more worries mini plaque

How the ‘No More Worries Kit’ could help others.

The ‘No More Worries Kit’ is designed with children with anxiety in mind.  It’s obvious how if you are the parent of a little worrier this could be a great portable tool to ease both the Mummy guilt and Kiddies worries.  The scenario that comes to mind is the kid hanging on to their mothers leg at the school gate (sometimes this is me!).  The portable plaque can be attached to their backpack for them to talk to the fairies any time they are worried or anxious through out the day.  Sometimes in our case all that’s needed is a little distraction.

For an older child who can read the conversation cards would make an easy game.  By picking a random card and discussing it after they have used the mini plaque they may feel more in control of their worries.  If you’ve got a budding little writer on your hands the feelings journal is another great tool for letting your child feel in charge.  It’s up to them if they want to share their written secrets with you though, so no peaking Mummies!

Would I buy The ‘No Worries Kit’?

Yes I would.  I love the mini plaque it is so much smaller and more compact than the original Worry Plaque.  Being able to bring it anywhere is a definite plus!  Granted the Feelings Journal has so far gone unused, but it would make a sweet little gift for an older child so I don’t think it would go to waste in any house.

You can buy The ‘No More Worries Kit’ “>here.  This is an affiliated link which means with each purchase I will receive a small amount at no extra cost to you the buyer.


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