Mud & Bloom Box – Review

Flat lay of the contents of the July issue of Mud & Bloom Box.

So far the summer holidays have had good days and bad.  The bad have been all my own fault.  I’ve come to realise having both Little C’s at home all day means we have to have a plan.  Lazing in our pj’s is not an option.  July’s Mud & Bloom box couldn’t have arrived at a better time.  I loved the idea of reviewing this subscription as both boys thrive in the outdoors.  And quite frankly parenting them outside is much easier than being stuck between four walls.

Mud & Bloom subscription boxes are geared towards 3-8 year olds, with the aim of inspiring them to connect with the outdoors.  Each activity has been created by qualified teachers and support the National Curriculum.

‘Each box includes two seasonal activities:  One gardening and one nature craft – along with instructions, quizzes and games aimed at teaching children about the seasons, plants, insects, birds, soil and rainfall.’ 

Our box arrived, perfectly packaged, through the letterbox.  No one ringing the doorbell; waking the toddler from his nap and no dash to the post office for a parcel we’d missed.  For me this is a big plus.  Hell hath no fury like a Mother if you wake her toddler!

This month we have planted and are watching daily, as our Lettuce and Giant Radishes grow.  Either these are really simple to grow or we really do have green fingers!  Everything is still alive and the boys are delighted with themselves.

Hands of boy placing plant pot on the window sillSmall pot of soil with kid popping a seed into it. from Mud & Bloom

We’ve spent mornings on the grounds of a  local National Trust property collecting sticks.  We’ve picked Lavender, Daisies and Buttercups from our own garden to act as the bristles and spent an afternoon painting pictures with our homemade paintbrushes.

Flat lay of home made paint brushes from Mud and Bloom Box  Boys painting with homemade paint brushes

Home decotated vase with glue and tape from Mud and BloomUnfortunately N.Ireland hasn’t been basking in as much sunshine as England.  It was easy to set aside a rainy hour to decorate our Summer Vase.  The box included coloured washi tape, a little envelope full of buttons and beads, also included was glue to stick them onto an old vase or jar.  My boys are a wee bit young for a task like this,  that or they just ain’t cut out for crafting.  I’ll not lie they really wanted to help but there was more glue on their fingers and my table than there was on the vase.  I may have ended up taking charge of the gluing.  Aside from my assistance, they still call it ‘their’ vase, so I’m not sure how much notice they took of me taking over.

They were having fun and that’s all that matters.

Our last task from the box is the quiz and tree hunt.  We haven’t done this one yet.  I reckon a walk to the park and we’ll be able to spot plenty of what’s on the list and if not. there are plenty of other woodland areas we can take ourselves of to explore.

I’ve loved our little box of fun compelling activities.  I totally get that I could have done any of these outings or gardening tasks without the instruction cards or prompts.  Would I have?  Probably not.  All the effort and preparation was taken away.  I didn’t need to search craft shops for beads and tape.  We’d of had indecisive hours wondering if we should maybe take a walk or head to town.  Taking too long to decide on an activity with a three and two year old never goes well.  I would never have convinced the boys to buy lettuce seeds.  I’m hoping that by growing our own Lettuces and Radishes the Little C’s might actually agree to eating them.  If that happens I will be shouting from the roof tops;

Everyone needs a Mud & Bloom Subscription Box!

The boxes can be bought at for just £7.95 a month.  There is no minimum subscription.  The boxes can be bought as a gift in 3, 6 or 12 month options, starting from £23.85.  If you know a kid who loves the outdoors (Is there a kid that doesn’t?) what a lovely birthday present to land on their doorstep month after month.

The box may be compact but the inspiration for a spider web of activities is endless.  Even our vase decorating shamelessly ended in a trip to Tesco for some summer flowers!  Anything to keep our days busy and our memories plenty, is a winner in my eyes.

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