Playgroups and Prosecco – Jo Middleton – Book Review

Playgroups and Prosecco book on laptop with bottle and sippy cup

Jo Middleton (Slummy Single Mummy) is a blogger turned novelist and this week sees the launch of Playgroups and Prosecco.  I was lucky enough to be gifted a proof copy of the book so I can give you lovely lot an insight into the misadventures of a single Mum.

The Blurb on the back

Single mum Frankie’s whole life revolves around her kids.  But when your teenage daughter goes on more dates than you and your toddler has a more active social life, something has to change.  Forget ‘me-time’, Frankie would settle for some adult  conversation, and watching something other than the Disney channel.  

The local playgroup may be ruled by Instagram mums with perfect husbands but Frankie accidentally forms a splinter group of single parents.  After all Mummy really needs a playdate of her own.  

What I thought

I don’t often agree to book reviews but when Jo put a call out for mums who love prosecco and jaffa cakes, well I couldn’t resist asking to hear more.  Who doesn’t?  What’s not to love?

I wish I had more time to read!  For the moment there are more sippy cups than champagne flutes lurking on the top shelf of my dishwasher and what my bedside locker lacks in exciting fiction it makes up for in calpol and thermometers.  Anything I do read needs to be both, not be too taxing on the old baby brain and easily picked up and put down as and when I get a chance to immerse myself in a few pages.  Playgroups and Prosecco fits the bill perfectly.

After moving from London to Barnmouth, Frankie’s marriage breaks down and she finds herself single again, keeping a year long diary.  I nodded in agreement and chuckled at her highs and lows.  I literally spat my tea out (yes I know prosecco would be better but 8 months pregnant and all that!) at some of the messages she received after creating a Tinder account.  I thanked my lucky stars I managed to swerve the online dating scene!

When realising the cliques already formed at her local playgroup were not for her, the “WIB” whats app group is formed.  Their messages are more than likely exactly like that special group in your own phone, the one where anything goes, no one bites their tongue making the story relate to us all.

I don’t want to spoil the story line…

I think there is a little bit of Frankie in us all.  Single or not.  Who doesn’t like a little glass of something cold when the kids go to bed? And who hasn’t had to leave the supermarket as your toddler shouts “leave my bum alone” (or something equally embarrassing) whilst you try to shop at the speed of light?

If you fancy an easy read that will have you in fits of giggles, confirming we’re all actually not too bad at this parenting malarkey,  this one is for you.  Playgroups and Prosecco is realised as an eBook on 1st March 2019 and the paperback to follow in May.  You can order your copy here.

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