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Well I’m just me…  A 30 something wife and mummy to two lively boys.  Returning with my brood to the mother land for a whole new chapter.  I’m a wine loving, cupboard rummaging, squidgy blonde, who probably whines way to much!

Totally living in my own little dreamland. Waiting for a winning euro millions ticket to land on my lap.  Quite happy to be the only Princess in the C residence, surrounded by handsome fellas!
I’ve been wanting to write a blog for quite a few years now – over two to be precise. Life as a new mum living away from family was lonely sometimes and writing helped bridge the gap between spending all day in my pjs and venturing out to find my mummy friends.  I’ve penned a few pieces but never had the balls to send them out there.  Maybe it’s the excitement of a new beginning or the feeling of utter dread at walking away from the friends and life we had built in the big city but I’ve decided now’s the time.  So here goes!

When my first little boy was born I always found it quite therapeutic to write down how frustrated or confused I was or when I’d have an “I’m really shit at this” moment because by the time I’d get half way through, I’d be writing how my heart could burst just looking at him because even if he’d whined all day one big slobbery bed time kiss had made everything alright.  He was my sleeper!  I’m not so sure I’d have been as quick to go for a second if I hadn’t of been getting 12 hours shut eye most nights.  Boy number two – is not! Well he sleeps if he’s snuggled in the master bed along with Mummy and Daddy.  Cots are a no go.  I’ve spent a small fortune on sleeping aids, none which have worked.  A mummy’s lick he is.  Which has pros and cons. 10 months in and I could really do with more than 3 hours in a row, but probably lots more complaining about that to come!

The husband – he’s a good one! He’s been around since I turned 17 and has me and the boys pretty spoilt.

So that’s it ME…  Mrs C…  Welcome to my WHINE club!


Nearly 8 months on from writing this post not a lot has changed.  We are still finding our feet in Ireland and sleep is still a distant memory but Mummy’s Whine Club is going strong!  If you’d like to read more about how we could work together pop over to my Work With Me page and feel free to get in contact.

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