First Trimester Woes

The first trimester pretty much sucks.  I hate this bit of pregnancy.  This is our fourth attempt.  First time round I'm not sure my body knew how to grow a baby and well, it wasn't to be.  Maybe that's the reason these 12 weeks are the worst.  I'm not awfully sick, I don't turn green... Continue Reading →

The Days are Long but the Years are Short

Dear Mama, If I had a pound for every time I've been told, "The days are long but the years are short", I'd buy myself... A really nice handbag!  But it's sickeningly true isn't it?  Days can be really, really long but the years - they seem to fly by without us realising. So many... Continue Reading →

Is it OK to choose the gender of your children?

Would you choose the gender of your unborn children if you could? It's called Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and is currently illegal in the UK on ethical grounds. A recent magazine article stated that there are investigations revealing UK fertility clinics illegally helping parents to choose the gender of their baby. I understand in some medical... Continue Reading →

Here come the Terrible Twos

I've only gone and done it again...  Turned into a big ball of mush over a momentous moment.  See tonight I put the Little C to bed for his final night as a one year old.  Tomorrow we are officially in terrible two territory and I can hardly remember him as a baby.  As 7pm... Continue Reading →

C-section – My story

April is C-section awareness month. We're now nearly at the end of it and although I've known about it all month I've been struggling with this post. Are all these 'awareness' months just another ploy to play Mothers against one another because of decisions they make? Decisions that, on this occasion affect the well being... Continue Reading →

Mellon Fun Farm Review

On a last minute whim last Sunday night, we thought we would make plans for the Bank Holiday Monday.  The C family were going on an outing.  A friend had visited the Mellon Fun farm recently and it had been on my list of places to take the kids.  So despite only half of us... Continue Reading →

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