C-section – My story

April is C-section awareness month. We're now nearly at the end of it and although I've known about it all month I've been struggling with this post. Are all these 'awareness' months just another ploy to play Mothers against one another because of decisions they make? Decisions that, on this occasion affect the well being... Continue Reading →

Banana and Berry Breakfast Muffins – Mummy Cooks

Last month, I was invited along by Mummy Pages to a cookbook launch.  This is Siobhan Berry from Mummy Cooks', first book (Baby and Family).  I say first as I am sure there will be another one along soon.  Her motto is 'cook for family, adapt for baby' and this book covers it all!  There... Continue Reading →

Mellon Fun Farm Review

On a last minute whim last Sunday night, we thought we would make plans for the Bank Holiday Monday.  The C family were going on an outing.  A friend had visited the Mellon Fun farm recently and it had been on my list of places to take the kids.  So despite only half of us... Continue Reading →

Why be a mean girl?

Hello, how are ya? What's the craic? You're wondering where I'm going with this, aren't you?!? You see I'm just being friendly. You probably don't know me. You've stumbled upon my blog and thought you'd have a read. For this, I'm very grateful! Stay a while.  Obviously, this is the point at which I advise... Continue Reading →

It takes a Village to Raise a Child

It takes a village to raise a child... Does it? Does it really take a village to raise a child? Yes, I think it does. Wikipedia describes this statement as 'a proverb meaning it takes an entire community of different people interacting with children for them to experience and grow in a safe environment.' Parenting... Continue Reading →

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