The Very Hungry Mummy – A Parody

All this talk of New Year and dieting everywhere I go is turning me into a Very Hungry Mummy!  I can't stop thinking of the biscuits I shouldn't be eating.  It got me thinking of the classic Eric Carle book - The Very Hungry Caterpillar and well I couldn't resist giving it a twist with the... Continue Reading →

Who needs Mummy friends? YOU DO!

  Just the other day I spent the morning in the hairdressers.  It's the rare occasion every few months when I get a few hours to myself.  I sipped hot coffee, made for me by someone else (Bliss I know!).  Flicked through a magazine and text friends - Mummy Friends!  It was whilst flicking though... Continue Reading →

The Big Little C turns 3

I get pretty emotional over Birthdays and Milestones when it come to the boys. I've been described as an emotional wreck more than once but I can't help it... Sorry! The Dinosaur obsessed, Power Ranger wanna be has turned three!  Where has that time gone to?!  I remember my utter disgust at the Consultant who'd... Continue Reading →

Prestige Hampers – Review

Christmas is just around the corner and you can guarantee there will be a few on your Christmas list you HAVE to buy for but you have no idea what to buy...  Here's an idea!  A Hamper.  Nope I haven't turned into an old lady, this is such a practical gift with something to suit... Continue Reading →

Motherhood ain’t all bad…

Motherhood ain't half bad really!  I wrote this post a while back for MummyPages but I was kinda thinking Mummy's Whine Club needed a wee pick me up and a reminder that even though most of us probably haven't had a decent nights sleep since the day our first was conceived we wouldn't change it... ... Continue Reading →

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