Breastfeeding – The beginning of the end

Last weekend the baby of the house turned two. I'm not really sure I remember life before him. Our Little C is shall we say, 'strong willed'. It's basically his way or no way. From the day he latched in Neo-natal he has been a boob monster. But breastfeeding needs to work for both Mummy... Continue Reading →

Body Confidence – Why we should all have it!

I'll set the scene, our family of four have just touched down on our first package holiday. The bags have been discarded, the swimming gear is on and our pasty Irish skin is about to see sunshine for the first time since... Well you know yourself, there might have been a day or two in... Continue Reading →

C-section – My story

April is C-section awareness month. We're now nearly at the end of it and although I've known about it all month I've been struggling with this post. Are all these 'awareness' months just another ploy to play Mothers against one another because of decisions they make? Decisions that, on this occasion affect the well being... Continue Reading →

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