Mrs C’s Wobble – Why I blog

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I’ve been having a wobble.  Sometimes… Who am I kidding – Most of the time when I sit down to write a blog post I hit delete half way through.  And quite honestly you lovely lot should be glad because it’s a big pile of shite!

Recently I’ve had a bit of Writers block.  Ha!  Did I just refer to myself as a writer?  I mean I’ve had Mummy Mind Block.  I could write hundreds of “We did this…” kind of posts but I’m not sure that makes for good reading.  Please forgive me as I’m sure if this post ever gets published there will be a string of boring waffle to follow.

Amidst my mind block the question “What the hell am I at?”  Keeps springing to mind.  Why do I sit at my lap top every evening?  I’m tired.  Why don’t I just have an early night or message the girls on WhatsApp?

Mummy Blogging is massive and there is so much competition.  We’re all writing the same stuff, because we are all going through the same things.  I think this is where my wobble has come from.  Why would someone choose to read my blog?  I don’t think I can compete with the amazing Jemma at Popcorn for Lunch and I’ll never be as funny as Carry on Katy.  But I have to stop myself overthinking it all – I love it and even if there are thousands of other blogs just like mine I won’t stop scribbling notes in my note pad or furiously typing ideas into my phone on the school run.

Anyways I’ll get to the point eventually.  When I ask myself why I’m doing this, I need to remind the little paranoid voice in my head I’m writing for all the Mummy’s just like me, the ones who would walk over hot coals for their little ones but crave a day off.  The ones who never get a second to themselves but wouldn’t have it any other way.

When a ramble on Facebook gives you lot a belly giggle or one of my blog posts gives you that fuzzy feeling in your heart I’ve accomplished something.  Mummy’s Whine Club is my little space on the internet, my place to try and help you through the frantic dash out the door on a Monday morning or the wailing in Witching hour.

Some might say I’ve been ‘Winging it’ but aside from my Mother thinking the whole country will be talking about me ‘sharing my business online’ nobody has told me it’s utter rubbish and I should delete.

I hope Mummy’s Whine Club is relatable.

I hope other Mummy’s out there feel they are not alone.  They’re not the only one constantly changing sh**y nappies and wiping snot pouring noses.  I hope I give the odd laugh amongst the 100th “Why” of the day.  And most of all if my kids ever read my posts I hope they’ll know they are loved more than anything even though I called one of them an asshole on Facebook last week.

So no more wobbles.  Here’s where I need your help…  Spam me!  What would you like to read about?  Title my next blog post for me because Mummy’s Whine Club is for you as much as me.

All my love 

Mrs C 



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13 thoughts on “Mrs C’s Wobble – Why I blog

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  1. Yes there are Daddy’s who read your blog. Well I can’t answer for others, but I’m a Dad and I read it.

    I think all bloggers go through periods of everything I write is crap. There are whole blocks of days, sometimes weeks where I’ve published nothing.

    Last week I started 10 posts. I finished one and thought it’s ok. Normally that would mean it would sit in drafts. That day I hit publish.

    It’s gotten the most views of any post in the first 24 hours and made Mumsnets blog of the day.

    Sometimes you just have to finish it and hit publish. You might be surprised at how it’s received.


  2. This is the first post of yours I’ve read and it’s great and I want to read more. There are lots of us mum bloggers and although we’re all writing similar things, it’s great reading them from a different perspective as well as knowing you’re not alone in going through said experience. #Honeybeelinky


    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Amy. It’s comforting to know we are all going through the same things even if it does make choosing your next topic difficult. I’ll be looking up your blog to read your perspective. ?


  3. There are a lot of parent bloggers, I don’t think I realised just how many. What I love is how everyone is supportive. Yes, we are all writing similar things as we’re all going through similar things but they are never the same! #HoneybeeLinky


  4. I wrote a comment whilst BF and not sure if it’s gone through as George bashed my phone! Bloody mum life eh?! Just wanted to say that yes, there are lots of parent bloggers but only you are you lovely. Bring to the table anything you want to, I for one will always love to read It! We all wobble from time to time. And I regularly sit bleary eyed at stupid o clock wondering why I’m writing instead of sleeping! But that’s because we are passionate about what we do. We are bloggers 🙂 Thank you for joining in with the #HoneybeeLinky lovely! Hope to see you next time and that you are over your wobble xxx


    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Lucy! So many of you lovely bloggers have given me a real boost this week and some how this post made Mumsnet blog of the day! So I’ll not be giving up any time soon. I’ll be linking my next waffle really soon xx


  5. Agree that one of the best bits about being a Mummy blogger (I am only 6 months in) is knowing that you are making others feel less alone and knowing from fellow bloggers that you are not alone. It is indeed a reason to continue.


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